The Most Venerable Phra Sudhinanavides (Phramaha Wisuddhi CHOTIPRATOOM)
Was born on January 9th, 1959 in Chaiyaphum province, Thailand. He got ordained as a novice in 1972 and has got fully ordained as Venerable monk in 1981 under guidance of H.H. Somdet Phra Buddhajahn, Deputy Supreme Patriarch and Acting-Supreme Patriarch of Thailand. He finished Pali VIII degree from school of Supreme
Thai Sangha Council , graduated in Buddhism, Mahachulalongkorn Buddhist University, Thailand and post-graduated in Philosophy, University of Madras, India.
He came to Belgium as Thai Theravada spiritual Teacher in the year 2000 by the invitation of H.E, Thai Ambassador for Belgium, Luxembourg and European Union and Thai Community in Belgium and Luxembourg. H.M. the King Bhumibol Atulayadej of Thailand offered promotion to him as the Most Venerable Phra Sudhinanavides in 2006.