Martin Gurvich

Born in Montevideo, Uruguay 25th January 1963 to a Jewish father and Catholic mother.

At present he is the Communications Director for Belgium and Europe of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness also known as the Hare Krishna Movement which he has been serving in different capacities for the last 27 years. The Hare Krishna Movement is a modern and global representative of the Caitanya Vaishnava tradition within Hinduism.

He is a member of the Executive Board of Radhadesh asbl, the largest Hindu Temple in Belgium and one of the largest in Europe.

He is the General Secretary of the Hindu Forum of Belgium (which is working on recognition for Hinduism in Belgium) and the Hindu Forum of Europe.

He is a member of the Executive Board of United Religions Initiative Europe a global interfaith network with over 400 cooperation circles. He is coordinating the activities of Convictions in Dialogue a Cooperation Circle of URI in French speaking Belgium.

He is the Director of MOSA- Museum of Sacred Art which showcases a large collection of sacred art from India in Radhadesh-Chateau de Petite Somme and plans exhibits of important artists from India in Museums through out Europe and USA.

He is also the President of the Jose Gurvich Foundation which runs an important Museum in Montevideo of the works of his father the well known artist Jose Gurvich.