From different faiths... Young people facing water challenges …
supported by intergenerational forces




11:00 : Opening session by William van der Vennet, moderator

Jong people 's vision conserning the water issues


o Jewish: Iris Hustin, 16 jaar
o Muslim: Anissa Gharmaoui,12 jaar
o Christian: Tchatchoua Jackson,12 jaar
o Hindu: Uday Singh,14 jaar
o Buddhist: Andreas Debrabandere,12 jaar

Meditation moment : Scenic of symbolic reflection entitled: as simple, beautiful and pure as water by Luc Aerens en pupils of 8 years from St Andrée school

Presentation by the BCRL of the strong symbolic content in the various religious traditions


o Christian : Mgr. Herman Cosijns FR
o Muslim: M.Semsettin Ugurlu FR
o Buddhist: Rev. Lama Karta
o Hindu : Herman J anssen
o Jewish: Le grand Rabbin Albert Guigui FR
o Jain : Ramesh Mehta
o Baha’i : Guido Cooreman

Music Interlude : Hélène Viratella au violoncelle

— Perspectives by :


o Young people: Iris Hustin (16j) en Andreas Debrabandere(12j)
o World Day Prayer and Action for Children, Novembre EU: Malati Dasi
o Interfaith Summer Camp for meeting and training on the Danube: Ecaterina Evanghelescu
o Development Partnership: Ambassadeor Manzi Bakuramutsa
o Citizen initiative in favour of the access to water for all: François Lebecq, (28j) IERPE

— ? Dance act by Diana Nadar, (22j)

Proclamation of the winners by the Jury President Father Evangelos Psallas and Sabine de Clippele

— Speeches:


o Ward Kennes, Mayor of Kasterlee, Deputy to the Flemish Government NL
o Jean-Luc Onkelinx : Director United Nations-Brussels
o Robert Innes : Belgian Council of Religious Leaders
o Yolande iliano : Belgain Women of Faith Network


12:30 : end