Hindu approach


In the very ancient scriptures of India, Mother Earth is mentioned again and again as the loving care-giver for all her diverse residents. She supplies all our needs in great abundance; the earth itself with its bountiful produce, the air, fire, the many other beautiful elements that make up this amazing planet and of course she supplies us with water-the liquid of life.

Such is the essential role of water to every level of a follower of Hindu dharma, that in the foundational book, the Bhagavad–gita, Lord Krishna states in chapter 7 “raso ’ham apsu kaunteya”, that by simply appreciating the taste of pure water, one can perceive the presence of the Lord in a very tangible way. And from the beauty of clean, fresh, pure water we can understand that this purity is one of the energies of the Lord. But as members on the spiritual path we don’t stop there at simply perceiving the Lord and His energies but we go on then to thank the Lord and feel obliged to glorify the Lord for supplying us with the water upon which we live.

Every religion across the globe has the concept of water, not only as one of the building blocks upon which all life exists, but as one of the key integral elements of our spiritual practices in the form of ‘Holy water’. And for every Hindu, an annual trip to one of the multitude of sacred bathing places and rivers, is firmly established as an essential element of worship. The Ganges, the Godavari, the Yamuna and many, many other such sacred rivers all have central roles in Hindu dharma.

Therefore, beyond any shadow of doubt, there is a great need to do what we can to protect the waters of Mother Earth for ourselves and the future generations which yet have to walk upon her.

Herman Janssens