Collective Painting

Aim: to allow young people to engage on a cultural, social, religious and philosophical level by creating a communal wall painting representing the power of water. A call for a common management system to save, protect and share water the source of life for all.

Venue: Bruxelles

Date: 30 April – 1 May 2012

Preparation : invite young people to reflect on the symbolism and use of water in cultures and religious traditions and explore their view with a new ideas.

Target Group : Young people 8 to 15 years, artists and reporters..

Outcome : Creation of a mural 10m/2m that carries a message to politicians, religious leaders, media and society in general that young people care about water management and want to highlight the need for more care to be taken in how we use water in all walks of life, schools, public places, our homes etc…

Testimony : School Principle : This is a project that meets our curriculum and educational needs also our concerns regarding and the environment. A project like this opens doors and the future for students in trouble and bringing together young people from everywhere to share and explore.

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